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The Dye Bleed Test For Acid Based Dyes

How do you stop fabric from bleeding colour? Most dyes that are used in sofas fabric manufacture are acid type so alkaline cleaning products can loosen these dyes. that does not mean that these dyes will bleed or migrate. I would not advise cleaning yourself if the dyes fail the test. call in the professionals.

The test should be carried out on the back edge of a loose cushion or in a inconspicuous place.

You Will Need

  • Your Cleaning Product Mixed Up To Working Strength.
  • Trigger Sprayer
  • White Tissue
  • Bulldog or Crocodile Clip

How You Stop Fabric From Bleeding Colour? By Testing First

  1. Wet a small area in an inconspicuous place that you have a mix of all colours in your sofa. or if not possible test each colour in turn.
  2. Now use the white tissue fold into a pad. and clip to fabric. check if you have an immediate transfer
  3. if you don’t have any colour transfer immediately leave the clip on for at least 5 minutes.

Results For Colour Run Test On Your Sofa

No Transfer Of Colour: You Are Safe To Clean Your Sofa. Always Mix Cleaning Products To Right Dilutions

Light Transfer: Your Sofa Can Be Wet Cleaned But Only By A Professional

Heavy Transfer Of Dyed: Call A Professional And Explain Your Situation.

The Dye Bleed Test For Alkaline Based Dyes

Its unlikely you will be able to find a acid based product to carry out this test as these are only available to trade and not sold in shops. one way around this is ask for a test from a professional for both alkaline and acid. They might charge you but its worth it considering how much a new sofa would cost if things went wrong for you.

Many mistakes made by cleaners when wet cleaning sofas are due to their lack of knowledge of the chemistry associated with cleaning detergents. Alkaline cleaning solutions usually have a greater ability to remove greasy soil than acids solutions. However, they are also inclined to loosen certain types of dyes so not only is it necessary to test for dye bleed on every fabrics sofa before cleaning.

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