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Facts About Silk

Because its expensive you will not find it much in carpets or upholstery. Rugs and fine high priced sofas are the most common places below is a list of it strengths and weakness when cleaning it. My advice is avoid cleaning upholstery because of the effect of wear age! This is basically when you don’t see wear because its hidden by the dirt. Silk Rugs on the other hand can be cleaned if you exercise extreme caution.

Silk is a protein fibre from silkworms. It becomes weaker when wet also be damaged by sunlight, alkalinity, oxidizing, bleaches, and perspiration.

Silk Strengths And Weaknesses When Cleaned.

  • Strength.

Silk is the strongest natural fibre. The smoothness of silk yarns reduces the problem of wear by abrasion. Weave can affect the finish fabrics strength.

  • Elasticity.

While silk is an elastic fibre, its elasticity varies as may be expected of a natural fibre. What is amazing about the silk fibre is that it can be stretched from a seventh to a fifth of its original length before breaking. but problem is that when it returns to its original size gradually and loses a little of its elasticity.

  • Resilience.

Silk fabrics retain their shape and resits wrinkling well,

  • Heat Conductivity.

Like wool, Silk is a protein fibre, therefore it is also a non conductor of heat.

  • Absorption.

The good absorptive property of silk also contributes to its comfort in a warm atmosphere. The reason and major factor in Silks ability to be printed and dyed easily is because Silk can generally absorb about 11% of its weight in moisture, but the range varies from 10% to as much as 30%.

  • Cleanliness & Washability.

It is a hygienic material because its smooth surface does not attract dirt and when dirt does gather it gives up readily by washing or dry cleaning. note silk is weak when wet. but will water spot easily,

Taffeta for example may be given a finish that could be permanently stained by water.

Reaction To Bleaches.

Mild bleach of hydrogen peroxide, or sodium perborate may be used with normal caution.

  • Shrinkage.

Because of the straightness of the filament, smooth surface silk fabrics have only a normal shrinkage.

  • Effect Of Light.

Continuous exposure to light weakens silk faster than cotton or wool. Drapery and upholstery made with silk should be protected from direct exposure to light by using black out curtains.

  • Reaction To Acids.

Concentration mineral acids will dissolve silk faster than wool. Organic acids do not harm silk

  • Reaction To Perspiration.

Perspiration can stain silk fabrics affecting the colour.

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