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How To Clean Sofas – The Shrinkage Test

This shrinkage test is usually carried out on cotton and button backs, pleats, and sofas that have been reupholstered. This is test is part of a wider survey we should carry out before any cleaning is done. As a professional upholstery cleaner you should have this survey recorded for insurance reasons. Any issues found with shrinkage or any of the other areas within the survey should be signed off from the customer.

As well as all the risks involved with cleaning upholstery you should always set expectations for the results. Dirt can hide a lot of wear and this can be very shocking to people. Some of the other areas that we would want to talk to customers about is. Colours loss due to sunlight, or abrasions. weak areas around the seats and arms of the sofa. stains, any existing damage, issues with the stuffers and fillers.

What You Will Need

  • Four Straight Pins
  • A Tape Measure
  • Spray Bottle With Working Strength Cleaning Solution

How To Test Your Sofa For Shrinkage Before Cleaning On the back edge of a cushion insert the pins in a 60mm square Now wet the area with your cleaning solution in the spray bottle After 5 minutes re measure the square

Results For Shrinkage Before Sofa Cleaning Anything over 5% is not acceptable as shrinkage will cause the cushions and valances to curl up and even seams might come apart.

  • 5% is a loss of 3mm
  • 10% is a loss of 6mm

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