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How To Cleaning Cotton Upholstery Good And Bad When Cleaning Cotton.

How To Cleaning Cotton Upholstery Good And Bad When Cleaning Cotton.

Upholstery cleaning cotton can be challenging. Staining is the main reason. High alkalinity will turn it brown.

  • Strength. Cotton fibre is relatively strong.
  • Absorbency. Cotton fibre composed primarily of cellulose which is very absorbent.
  • Cleanliness And Washability. Cotton attracts dirt particles.
  • Reaction To Bleaches. Household bleaches diluted can be safety used by the manufacturers recommendations.
  • Shrinkage. If cotton fabric is loosely woven will shrink. Pre shrinking finishing processes minimise shrinkage in cotton fabrics.
  • Effect Of Light. Cotton fibres oxidise, turning yellow. Losing strength from exposure to sunlight over a period of time.
  • Reaction To Alkalis. alkalis don not harm cotton.
  • Reaction To Acids. Acids like, oxalic and citric. (found in drinks) will stain.
  • Affinity For Dyes. Dyes has a good affinity for cotton.
  • Resistance To Perspiration. Acid perspiration which has a slightly deteriorating effect on cotton.

So upholstery cleaning cotton has its challenges and risks so make sure you do all your preclean tests which can be found on the main sofa cleaning how to page. If you have not cleaned your cotton upholstery for some time you should know that you might be shocked after the clean as dirt left for long periods of time will cause wear which will be very visible after the clean.

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