sofa cleaning hypersensitivity test

Hypersensitivity Test why? well, Some upholstery fabrics have a pile and you need to test to find out if the cleaning process will have a negative effect on it.

sofa cleaning hypersensitivity test

Upholstery Sofa Cleaning Hypersensitivity Test

Testing the upholstery on your sofa before cleaning is important to avoid and negative effect from the cleaning process.

The three test that we need to do before cleaning are one, The burn test two, The shrinkage test, and three, the pile test.

This test is done to prevent problems like, distortion, pile shading, fuzzing, water marks, swealing, wavy patterning, loss of glazing.

The burn test, is done to find out why the fabric is made from. The three groups are, one man made, two, protein, from animal (wool). and lastly, cellulose, plant based like cotton. these fibbers are dyed in different ways and we need to test to prevent colour loss.

How Dirty Is Your Sofa?

Why? Because we can then select how to clean you sofa upholstery. we have ten different ways to clean upholstery. Soil levels are just one of the things that will be considered when making this choice.

Sofa Upholstery Cleaning Methods

The three groups we can choose from when cleaning our upholstery are, preventive, corrective, and salvage. You can find full details here on how to clean you upholstery.

Basically, preventive upholstery cleaning is for sofas that are in good condition with light to medium soil. Corrective is for cleaning upholstery that has no sign of wear and, has medium to heavy soiling. and lastly, salvage cleaning is for Sofa fabrics that have not been cleaned for many years and show signs of wear. very heavily soiled. this included sofa that have been in the home where major work has been carried out or with an open fire or wood burner. also water damaged sofas.

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