dry clean sofa

Dry Clean By Hand

Condition: Alternative method to method 5 for heavy soiling dry clean only fabrics

Objective : To remove deeply ingrained soil and dirt from dry clean only fabrics, and where a dry clean extraction machine is not available.

Equipment :

  • Vacuum
  • Short Bristle Brush
  • Hand Sprayer
  • Face Mask
  • Tampico Brush
  • Terry Towels
  • Drip Sheets
  • Stainless Steel Bowel Or Bucket

Cleaning Solutions :

  • Pre Spray, Prochem Dri Pro


Product Description
An odourless mineral solvent for professional cleaning of fine fabrics which cannot
be wet cleaned. Fine Fabric Solvent Cleaner is intended only for use by hand
cleaning application according to label directions.

Do not heat solvent or use in water or solvent spray extraction machines or
with vacuum extraction. Do not use for curtain cleaning.
For professional and industrial use only.

Always refer to Safety Data Sheet before use.
Vacuum fabric thoroughly to remove loose soil and dust.
Always pre-test fabric with Fine Fabric Solvent Cleaner for colour fastness
and texture change in an inconspicuous area before proceeding.

Ensure adequate ventilation, no smoking and prohibit people and pets from
the cleaning area. Wear solvent resistant gloves, safety glasses and an
approved organic solvent cartridge respirator when applying this product.
For hand cleaning application only, spray lightly onto surface of fabric using an
approved solvent spray applicator. Do not mist or aerosolise spray. Brush heavily
soiled areas if required, then blot or wipe fabric with clean white towel and allow
fabric to dry completely before re-use. Allow used towels to dry in open air or store
as flammable material in air-tight fire proof container.

• Solvent cleaner for water-sensitive upholstery fine fabrics
• Suitable for tapestry, velvets, velour and silk
• Use with B143 Solvent Cleaner Additive for improved performance
• Low odour clear solvent

  • Add Prochem Solvent Based Odour Neutraliser And Prochem Dry Cleaning Detergent Additive, (for sofas with odour issues)
  • The same products are used for the scrub clean. pour only sufficient into the bowel to complete the job.

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How To Hand Dry Clean Your Sofa

  1. Vacuum
  2. Brush matted areas
  3. Pre treat by spray the contact areas like arms
  4. Quickly agitate in with tampico brush. work on a section at a time
  5. Remove lessoned soil with terry towels
  6. Repeat as necessary
  7. Scrub clean all other areas on sofa using solvent in bowel. dip brush in shake off excess. gently but firm. lightly scrubbing.
  8. Wipe clean.
  9. Wipe dry with terry towels

Make sure the room is well ventilated. do not use sofa until completely dry

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