Sofa Cleaning Method 10 : Light Soot

Method 10 : Light Soot On Wet Cleanable Fabric

Salvage Sofa Cleaning Method 4

soot and odours on wet cleanable fabrics can be problem to remove if you don’t understand how its bonded to the fabric. This is why sometimes you clean something and the odour still remains. cleaning solutions are designed to break these bonds. Plus, add in that your sofa can only be dry cleaned and this complicates the cleaning more. You can use a special extraction machine that can handle solvents but that’s expensive and does not get used much. so dry cleaning by hand is a great option.

For heavy carbon on dry cleanable fabrics

Use method 5 add in Prochem Solvent Based Odour Neutraliser in both pre spray treatment and extraction cleaning solution. (A concentrated solvent soluble odour neutraliser which can be added to Prochem B140 Dri Pro for the
control of smoke, tobacco, fuel oil and other odours during fabric dry cleaning or disaster restoration
cleaning processes. Solvent Base Odour Neutraliser leaves no film or residue and evaporates completely
after application)

For on dry clean only fabrics

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