sofa cleaning method 1

Sofa Clean by hand.

Condition : Light To Medium Soiling, wet clean fabrics

Objective :A regular maintenance system to remove light to medium greasy surface soil from the body contact areas without the use of an extraction machine.

Dry Times : Fabric should be touch dry within an hour.

This method relies on the correct solution and the use of quality absorbent towels.


  • Vacuum
  • Hand spray. pressure or trigger
  • Tampico Brush
  • White Terry Towels
  • Drip Sheet

Cleaning Solutions

  • Prochem Bonnet Buff (dilute to instructions)
  • Prochem Fabric Restorer (use if perspiration or hair staining is evident)
  • Prochem Fibre Shampoo with a small amount of Prochem fabric prespay for fabrics with slightly suspect dyes

Prochem Fibre and Fabric Rinse Should be use where the dyes may be suspect. It should not be used where oxidising bleach has been used as an additive in the shampoo mix.

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How To Wet Clean A Sofa

  1. Dry vacuum the entire sofa
  2. Brush the matted areas particularly on the arms fronts
  3. Spray mist the cleaning solution directly onto the fabric from a distance of about 30 cm apply only enough to dampen the fabric.
  4. Brush in with the tampico brush on the more soiled areas.
  5. Repeat if necessary
  6. Wipe off with a clean terry towel

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