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Shampoo Sofa Cleaning.

Condition : Medium to heavy soiling or normal or for fabrics which have yellowing or browning.

Objective : To apply the minimum amount of water to achieve a fast drying method for fabrics which are not too heavily soiled. A method that can be used to carry an oxidising bleach for debrowning or lightening yellowed fabrics.

This method can be used also on commercial sofas which has soiling due to dust and genera grubbiness rather than grease.

Equipment :

  • vacuum
  • Hand Spray, Trigger or Pump
  • Clean Terry Towels
  • Tampico Brush
  • Hand Sponge
  • Bucket
  • Drip Sheet

Cleaning Solution:

  • Prochem Fabric Prespray
  • Fibre Shampoo

A concentrated blend of high foaming, crystallising neutral detergents and
performance additives specially formulated for use on carpet fibres and wet
cleanable fabrics. Fibre Shampoo can be used in conjunction with carpet rotary
brush machines, bonnet mops and dry foam equipment as well as brush and
sponge shampoo cleaning of upholstery fabrics. Fibre Shampoo has excellent
cleaning, quick drying and colour stabilising properties.

For professional and industrial use only.
Vacuum carpet or fabric thoroughly to remove dry soil before shampoo cleaning.
Always pre-test carpet and fabrics for colour fastness and possible texture
change with diluted solution and white towel or tissue before proceeding
with application.

Carpet cleaning: Mix 30 to 50ml Fibre Shampoo per litre of water (1 to 25). Apply foam evenly by rotary brush machine,
sprayer and carpet bonnet pad, or dry foam machine according to machine operating directions, at approx. 10m² to 20m²

per 5 litres of mixed solution. Do not over-wet. Reset pile with brush or rake. Replace furniture on protective pads.
Upholstery cleaning: Mix 40 to 60ml Fibre Shampoo per litre of water (1 to 20). Apply foam only by sponge, soft brush


dry foam machine. Do not over-wet. For best results vacuum when dry or rinse extract with B109 Fibre & Fabric Rinse
solution and leave carpet or fabric to dry thoroughly before reuse.
• High foam neutral pH crystallising shampoo for carpets and fabrics.
• Contains buffered pH system to help prevent ‘browning’ and colour bleed
• Can be used in conjunction with Prochem ‘problem solver’ additives
• Clear liquid with lemon and lime fragrance
pH Concentrate: 5.5
pH Diluted: 7.0

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How To Clean Your Sofa

  1. vacuum sofa
  2. Brush matted areas
  3. Spray the heavy soiled areas
  4. Brush in with tampico brush
  5. Apply wet foam. squeeze out water and only use foam
  6. Wipe off with clean terry towel
  7. Light spray of fibre and fabric rinse if dyes are suspect. dont use if you have use and pre treatments like an oxidising bleach.

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