Sofa cleaning pre test

Burn test are done to find out what type of material are you working with are you working with a natural fibre such as wool or cotton or silk or are you working with a synthetic material such as nylon olefins polyesters and the way we’re going to identify that is by doing a simple burn test.

How to do the burn test? If we’re going to be using carpet then you can go to the side of the wall take up a couple samples after you’ve asked the customer if we’re going to be doing fabrics on upholstery then you need to go to either the zippered area of the cushion or the back skirt of the chair itself so once you’ve done that you’re ready to go.

What you need. A couple tools that you’ll need to use one is going to be a small clip of some sort could be tweezers whatever you want to use and just to hold on to the fibre because if you hold on to it with your fingertips I can guarantee it’s going to hurt when it burns second thing you’re going to need is a butane lighter the butane lighter is better than matches because matches give off a sulphur smell the third thing is use the correct tool which will be your knapping shares.

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