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The main fabrics you will need to identify

Identification of textile fibers. Like its name suggests, a protein fiber is a fiber that is made of protein or animal based, wool and silk. i important to identify these type of fabrics as they will need special approach when cleaning.

a. Wool

wool is a protein fiber from sheep. it’s easily dyed so staining can be a problem. also colour can be removed with strong alkaline and oxidizing bleaches. wool also degrades with long and repeated exposure to high alkalinity, it will completely dissolve in a mix of 6% soloution of chlorine bleach. always leave wool carpets in a neutral state by rinsing with acid solution of a pH 5.5 to 6.5

b. Silk

Silk is mostly found in rugs. when encountered it should be treated with the same precautions as wool, only wit more delicacy. i.e avoid bleach and take care with alkaline solutions and aggressive tamping action. exercise extreme caution when using volatile dry solvents ( alcohol perchloroethylene, trichlorethylene) it can cause colour migration.

Useful Resources For Cleaning Wool

Waterproof Exstick pH Meter.

The Woolsafe Organisation. product certification, training in safe cleaning of wool.

The Wool Cleaners Manual By Eric Brown published by The Woolsafe Organisation. This book is really very special for everyone and especially cleaners. here in the UK, we have lots of wool and of very high quality that last for many years. taking care of wool can extent its lifer and save the high cost of replacement. Many public houses use wool carpets that need maintaining both for wear and appearance. Having a high knowledge in wool will give you the edge over other cleaners as it will come across when you talk to prospects about it.

Prochem for safe training and products for cleaning wool

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