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Deep clean couch service. Deep clean normally is when a couch has not been cleaned for some time. Its recommended that upholstery is cleaned once a year. This yearly clean cover all soil level from really dirty to just dusty.

As a professional upholstery cleaner we have a way to explain when you should clean your sofa. Its called “wear age” Take one sofa in two completely different homes. one home is a professional couple that works long hours and maybe spends just a few hours each night on their sofa. Next, we have family with pets where the sofa is is use all the time. The wear age over a few years will be completely different. the first will have a below average wear and but the second will have above average.

Why is wear age so important? well is set expectations. Dirt hides wear and can cause fabric to wear faster if its not removed. so when we clean the second example sofa you will see all that wear. and that sofa looks very old even though its not that old.

Some fine fabrics will wear much faster than many off the modern man made ones.

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Wear Age

The Strengths and Weaknesses Of Your Type Fabric When Cleaned.

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Deep Clean Couch Service – What Sofa Cleaning Method Is Best?

When you speak to a professional couch cleaner each one will have their favourite cleaning method. but which one is the best? Well, there are three groups and ten methods.

  1. Preventive
  2. Corrective
  3. Salvage

You can read all about all these sofa cleaning methods here.

Deep Clean Couch Service

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